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Terms of Service

I have the right to refuse any project without stating my reasoning. By commissioning me you are automatically accepting all the terms of service set forth below. Please read carefully.

PROJECT SUBJECT MATTER:i will not be creating any 18+ content, doing "sexy" characters is fine if i am able but nothing outright pornographic. though i am totally ok with doing work for people who make 18+ content.i will not be touching any taboo topics with my art, nothing related to negative world events, bigotry, racism, things that seem to negatively portray a certain cultural, racial, or other group, or anything else that myself of others would find offensive.i reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, related or unrelated to the things listed above. this can be because i do not like the project, or the client is someone i don't want associated with me or my art.

RIGHTS AND USE:you get commercial rights to the logo/artwork. just don't claim it as your own work.prices agreed apon take into account one major change or two to three minor tweaks, if you need more changes you may face upcharges, but not without warning.i don't require crediting for my work, as long as you don't claim it as your own work or someone else's. but i appreciate it when you do!


FINAL PACKAGE:for illustrations, a final png will be provided. for live2D models, you will be provided with the export of the model, the live2d file can be acquired for a possible upcharge.


PRICING AND PAYMENT:i generally work with paypal or streamelements tips. if those don't work for you let me know before work is started on the project, we can look into other the client you only take ownership of the commission once payment has been received, even if it is your original character and/or name i own the rights to the art or asset until payment is confirmed.if a chargeback or other refund is issued then i assume ownership of the artwork again. this is the case regardless of the reason for the chargeback.


IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY:if you have issues with your commission, please ask before requesting money back. refunds and chargebacks often end up costing me in fees from the service, so i would rather fix your problem than losing money to paypal or kofi or whatever.i appreciate you all for your time to read this! 


  • Chibi

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • All genders


  • Complex armour

  • Mecha

  • Pornography

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